Detox & Digestion

These teas are great to help you detox and work wonders for your digestive system. Sip on any one of them when you're feeling bloated, or to boost digestion after a heavy meal.

1. Saffron Kahwa Green Tea- Saffron Kahwa recipe is known for its detoxifying properties. Perfect for cleansing your palate and to boost your digestion after a heavy meal. Rose petals and crushed almonds added to the tea, give a natural glow to your skin.

2. Spearmint Green Tea- Come rain or shine, mint is an all-weather tea. The combination of Spearmint and Peppermint aids digestion, relieves bloating and menstrual cramps.

3. Marigold Green Tea- Perfect to improve digestion and compliment your detox regime., Marigold Green Tea is best had post meals.

4.Apple Spice Black Tea- With a melange of warm spices and malty Assam tea, each ingredient has its own healing properties.

5. Jasmine Green Tea- Treat yourself to this ancient tea therapy from China.Best had after meals, but never on an empty stomach.

6.Sacred Spice Green Tea- The Bael fruit is native to India and along with tulsi works wonders for your digestive system.

7.Pure Organic Green Tea- Pure Green Tea encourages healthy digestion and gently helps flush the system of harmful toxins.

8. Blue Pea Green Tea- Blue Pea tea does wonders for digestion, detox, beauty and as a brain booster. 

9.Matcha Detox Green Tea Bundle- Together they make a smooth, balanced cup, rich in anti-oxidants and natural goodness. This bundle tops the charts for your detox regime.

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Saffron Kahwa Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Saffron Kahwa Green Tea
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Spearmint Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Spearmint Green Tea
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Marigold Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Marigold Green Tea
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Apple Spice Black Tea - Tea Trunk
Apple Spice Black Tea
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Jasmine Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Jasmine Green Tea
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Sacred Spice Green Tea ™ - Tea Trunk
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Pure Organic Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Pure Organic Green Tea
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Blue Pea Green Tea - Tea Trunk
Blue Pea Green Tea
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