Spearmint Green Tea

100gms Loose Leaf Tea | 50cups
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Come rain or shine, mint is an all-weather tea. This common herb works wonders for women's health. 

Ingredients - Spearmint, Peppermint and Green Tea

Health Benefits - Wonder herb for women, spearmint tea is known to balance hormones, thereby reducing acne. Peppermint aids digestion, relieves bloating and menstrual cramps.

Taste notes: Fresh and menthol with lingering sweetness from peppermint.

Caffeine content: Low (because we use a higher ratio of mint)

Origin of tea: Darjeeling, India

Available as: 100 gms loose tea

When to drink this tea? Given the light refreshing flavour, it’s ideal for easy sipping throughout the day.

Serving suggestion: Goes well with tropical fruit, rice cracker and our favourite lemon tart!

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  • 1. Does it contain only dried spearmint leaves or other ingredients as well?

    This tea contains dried spearmint, peppermint, and green tea leaves.  

  • 2. Is Spearmint green tea good for PCOS?

    If drunk regularly(1-2 cups per day) Spearmint green tea can help balance hormones and thus aid in regulating proper hormonal function for women with PCOS.  

  • 3. What are the benefits of Spearmint green tea?

    Spearmint is known to balance hormones, thereby reducing acne while peppermint aids digestion, relieves bloating and menstrual cramps.  

  • 4. Can I add milk to this tea?

    This tea is best enjoyed without milk, either hot or iced.

  • 5. Which time is best to drink spearmint tea?

    Spearmint tea can be sipped through the day at any time. Avoid drinking this tea post dinner if you are sensitive to caffeine.