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Teas for pregnant women

Is tea good for pregnant women, you ask? The short answer is no, if the tea contains caffeine. It is widely known that caffeine in pregnant mothers takes longer to leave the system due to metabolic changes in their bodies. Further, caffeine affects the generation of stress hormones and also creates dehydration, all of which can be harmful for your baby. 

At Tea Trunk, we’ve created caffeine free tea blends with pregnant moms and new moms and their needs in mind. From soothing blends that relieve an upset stomach to calming blends that promote better sleep, our caffeine free infusions are designed to ease some of the woes a mother-to-be experiences. 

However, it is important to note that effects may vary from person to person and it is best to check with your physician before consuming any teas. Even our caffeine free teas must be consumed in moderation, with a maximum of 1-2 small cups per day.

Our Mom-to-be Bundle is the perfect collection of teas for pregnant women. A curation that includes samplers of Chamomile, Nettle Leaves, Lavender Buds and a mint flavored Chamomile ensures that a mom to be is well rested and well nourished. 

Chamomile & Chamomile Mint Tea: 

Sleep eludes moms-to-be and is hardly possible for new moms. A soothing cup of Chamomile is known to reduce anxiety and stress, enabling deeper and better sleep. Chamomile is generally considered safe to consume from the second trimester onwards. 

We also include a sample of Chamomile Mint Tea, which gives you a refreshing flavour while also soothing upset tummies, curbing nausea and relieving mild headaches.

Lavender Buds

Being a new mom brings with it a whole lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Lavender buds, with its delicate fragrance, are ideal to soothe those nerves and calm your senses. Safe to consume during pregnancy, lavender promotes relaxation and relieves stress. Our lavender buds are 100% natural and sourced from Uttarakhand, with an intensity of flavour that would put french lavender to shame. A small cup before bedtime can easily replace a soothing massage, as it soothes the nervous system while limiting the production of stress hormones. 

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves provide an abundance of folic acid, one of the most important nutrients for new mothers and expecting mothers. It banishes tiredness by infusing you with a surge of energy, courtesy of its ability to flush out toxins from the body. Its detox properties also enable better gut health, keeping your tummy free of irritations and inflammations. Post-partum, nettle leaves also help in increasing breast milk production in new mothers, so this is one tea that greatly benefits new mothers. 

While Black, Green and White teas differ in their caffeine levels, herbal and floral teas that are caffeine free offer a great source of relaxation to pregnant mothers and new mothers, for when they need a hot beverage that soothes discomfort and promotes a feeling of well being, especially in the evening and around bedtime. Having said that, please consult your doctor on what works best for your body and choose wisely before consumption.

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