Chamomile Mint

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Choose: 35 gms loose leaf tea | 18 Cups

An invigorating, fragrant blend to see you through a tough day. The Indian mint (pudina) is a potent digestive, which makes this tea an ideal post-meal choice.

Origin of The Tea

Chamomile - Uttarakhand and Gujarat, India ;

Mint - Maharashtra, India


Indian mint (pudina), Chamomile flowers

Taste Notes

Strong minty taste, with sweet floral notes.

Storage Instructions

Store in the foil pouch in the tea tin or transfer to an airtight container, kept in cool dark place.If not consumed immediately teas should be stored in the refrigerator.

If storing in the refrigerator/ freezer, pack in small completely airtight packets or jars. Before use, wait for the tea to reach room temperature to prevent any condensation.

How to brew?

Add 1 teaspoon or 1 tea bag per cup (150ml).

Always pour hot water (80°C) on the tea leaves and not the other way around.

Steep for 2-3 minutes. All our teas in tea bags or loose leaf can be rebrewed. Just add hot water and steep for longer than the first steep

Why Drink This Tea

A staple in Indian kitchens, mint is a healing herb. Its anti-bacterial properties are good for the stomach, help relieve headaches and boost immunity. Mint beautifully complements the antioxidant properties of Chamomile in this zero-caffeine tea. Brew a pot and see yourself breeze through a busy day of calls, meetings and delayed meals.

Choose: 35 gms loose leaf tea | 18 Cups

Product information

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We wish you good health!


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Founded in 2013, Tea Trunk, led by India's first tea sommelier, curates the finest Indian tea leaves into unique blends. Our whole leaf, all-natural, and authentic teas are now among India's top 5 tea brands. Experience the freshest source of healthy, flavorful tea online, directly from the source.

"We make sure you enjoy good tea like it should be! Tea Trunk holds gourmet tea blends I crafted; enjoy them as much as I do. Take your pick for an authentic tea experience" - Snigdha Manchanda, Tea Sommelier & Founder

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Archi Joshi
Favoriete tea brand

The spearmint, Long Island and Chamomile tea are heavenly. Absolutely loved them :)


It was full of flowers and such a refreshing taste it has

Simpee Mahanta
It's amazing and it was all flowers, no dust!!

I bought two of these, one for my home and other for my boyfriend's sister. The taste is quite strong and the fragrance was quite authentic. It's perfect for gifting. The packaging is really very cute. It's a good alternative no swap your regular tea with this herbal option. Would definitely give a thumbs up for this one!!

I love the minty taste of it

I’m loving it , smells okay but tastes good


Worth the price and quality