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Bedtime rituals for tea lovers

We seem to have a ritual for every special occasion, yet how many of us have a regular bedtime ritual to wind down at the end of a long and eventful day? As tea lovers, the sound of a kettle may put you in a tranquil mood. It certainly works for us. But apart from brewing a caffeine-free cuppa, how much do we really think about preparing the ideal setting before our head hits the pillow. There has surely got to be a better way than counting sheep until we are dead to the world. Right?

First things first, pick up your mobile phone and shift it out of the bedroom, or better still switch it off. In these increasingly stressful times, we are constantly reminded not to use the device before going to bed. The mobile has a higher concentration of blue light which affects the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. You should also steer away from watching late night television, especially violence, horror or suspense, which may cause unnecessary anxiety. Now that we have got the technological aspect out of the way, in the risk that we sounded like your grandparents, let us focus on creating the ultimate bedtime ritual that we can enjoy with our lovely tea.

Remember the episode of Friends where Ross proclaims “So what if I like to go home and throw on some Kenny G, and take a bath.” He may have been jeered by all of us, but he could have really been on to something. So let’s kick off our bedtime ritual with a relaxing bath and calming music to put us in a Zen like state. Aromatherapy would feature next on our priority list. The beautiful aromas will improve your physical and psychological well-being. Some of the best essential oils will also remind you of your favourite teas. This could be followed up with a meditation session, to clear the mind.

Before you dim the lights to set the tone for a good night’s sleep, it’s important to maintain a tidy room. You may not be an active follower of Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, but retiring to a clean, comfortable and well-kept bed is a must. So you’re just about ready to tuck yourself into bed with a good read. Whether you pick Agatha Christie or Ruskin Bond, it's now time to reach for the jewel in the crown.

So what is it that we’re drinking? We suggest a low caffeine drink. Chamomile flower tea is one of the best teas to drink at night. Chamomile is an herbal tea blend that is known for its relaxing effect which promotes calmness, tackles insomnia and has no caffeine. Furthermore, our Chamomile tea is made with pure flowers sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. So there you have it these are a few ideas to add to your bedtime ritual.

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