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Welcome Winter with Hibiscus Tea

Surprisingly this tea made with love also has super health benefits. Did we know this flower in our garden could have other advantages apart from making our gardens look colorful and pretty?

It’s interesting and beautiful to know nature and how we could derive so much from it. November is bringing in the winter season and it definitely means sipping more tea to keep us warm and joyful.

Our body is our home and the maintenance of this home is our responsibility. The lifestyle we lead and our busy schedules messes up with the body mechanism, also the food we eat out is toxic & the artificial ingredients really harms the body system. We must consume some natural boosters that can fight the toxins and build better immunity. There are a lot of natural remedies and some great products in the market that concentrate on keeping it raw and organic. I am moved with the herbal/green teas and one of the favorite has been the hibiscus tea.

Everyone observes different experiences from the same product.

This is a compilation of the advantages one can get from the brilliant Hibiscus Tea.

Weight Loss

This is going to be my first point because at some level we all look for a solution to keep our weight on track. Hibiscus produces Amalyse, which absorbs carbohydrates and starch, which automatically helps the body get rid of the same. So I think I could manage eating rice and fish curry sometimes as Hibiscus Tea is being my savior! 

Check on Blood Pressure

This flower has some anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce blood pressure if consumed regularly, almost twice/thrice a day. There are also some studies online that tell the phenomenal results of consuming Hibiscus Tea out of which the most highlighted one is this.

Anti-Oxidant Rich

Hibiscus Tea is full of Vitamin A, C & B. Studies suggest that the antioxidant properties help protect the Liver. The flower apparently contains some minerals like copper and iron with protein and omega-3. Doesn’t it sound like a super food? 

Lowers Cholesterol

High Alert!!! Hibiscus tea can also lower the bad cholesterol. I know so many people suffering with an increased (bad) cholesterol. Studies say continuous intake of Hibiscus tea for a month could really make a visible change in LDL (bad cholesterol). 

Anti Depressant and improves mood

A bad mood day should be a call for some hibiscus tea. I anyway feel tea soothes the soul and is a stress buster, there is nothing better if the tea has this quality as an add on. Researchers say, the antioxidants present in the tea helps to beat depression and improve mood. 

The ones who should avoid Hibiscus tea

People already suffering from Low BP problems, people allergic to flowers or specifically Hibiscus and Pregnant ladies. 

There is a whole lot of information for you on “The Hibiscus Tea” today as this is the tea of the month at Tea Trunk.

Wait for our next Blog post about some fun recipes with the hibiscus tea and dried hibiscus flower which could help you love the tea more.

Order your own Hibiscus Tea and let us know how you like it.

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