Five Fun Pranks with Tea.

Five Fun Pranks with Tea.

The first of April is the perfect day for some good-humoured fun with your office colleagues and friends. You may not be the kind who likes to plot evil schemes or spend weeks planning pranks, and Trunky isn’t either! But everyone likes a little joke, even when they’re at the receiving end of a good one. Here are five ways to surprise, confuse and baffle your co-workers with something we love best – tea! 

The Peppero-tea

Tiptoe into the office canteen, armed with your finest pepper and find your way to the powdered tea. You know most people reach for the convenient tea bags, but your targets are the tea lovers who take time off from work to indulge in delicately brewed tea leaves. They know that with the extra effort and patience, they can sip a more flavourful and fragrant tea, and it’s your job to come between them and their tingling taste buds on this glorious day.

Make yourself a perfect cup of tea with the untampered tea leaves.
> Take a generous amount of pepper and uniformly sift it through the tea leaves.
> Ensure your prank is concealed by sprinkling un-peppered leaves over the heinous mixture. > Leave the room with your own tea, noticeably enjoying and relishing it.

Efffort required: Minimal
Fruits of labour: Oolong Tea

The Mollycoddle

Allow your colleagues to rediscover their childhood by sprinkling their tea and coffee with lumpy nostalgia. Replace the milk powder in your canteen with powders like Cerelac or Lactogen and watch as your friends turn their yummy drinks into baby food. Delicious, but confusing.

Effort required: Moderate
Fruits of labour: Black Tea

The Audaci-tea

If your office is dotted with tea-lovers who prefer sipping light, white, or green teas all day, or with those who prefer strong cups of black tea, this prank is sure to surprise and irk. Simply switch light teas like Camomile with stronger ones like Assam tea. The confused wonder with which your friends look down into their cups as their tea takes on an unpredicted colour is sure to make for funny stories later on.

Effort required: Moderate
Fruits of labour: White Tea

The Unexpected Café

Now, subtle-tea is an art that comes with practice and patience, like in this case.

Neatly slit open tea bags from the top and empty all its contents. > Refill the tea bags with carefully crushed coffee powder. > Seal the bags carefully with clear tape. > Place ‘tea’ bags in their designated spot in your office canteen. > Beam at your nimble handywork.

Effort required: Maximum
Fruits of labour: Black Tea

The Bottoms Up

We all know you’ve combed through your colleagues’ Facebook profiles in the past. You’re probably doing it right now. You’ve certainly chanced upon those old, funny photos from their college days or from that one goofy night out with their best friends. Trunky has some embarrassing photos of himself too, and admits they can be useful at times like these!

Select your prankee. > Look for a cute, strange, or funny photo of them. > Take a tiny print out of the photo. > Attach it to the bottom of their coffee mug. > Lure them into a group conversation while they’re drinking from the cup. > All those around your prankee will giggle in surprise at the strategically placed photo every time he/she takes a swig.

Effort required: Moderate
Fruits of labour: Oolong Tea

So go ahead April’s fool connoisseurs, go forth and be silly. After all, it’s little jokes like these that keep the office young and happy.

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