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Trunky did a headstand. Our new website is live.

Brewing, sipping, waiting is over. We’re thrilled to share new treats with you. Look at these beautiful tea blends. We were bored of how tea is showcased conventionally - a circle of tea leaves on a white background. Expect us to surprise you! 

The beautiful colors bring out the playfulness of our brand of teas. We adopted a minimal look to keep the focus on the natural ingredients - the real hero of our teas. Once again, our Creative Partner, Beard Design raises the bar. They gave life to Trunky and our brand identity, worked on our adorable packaging design and now gave us this website that shines through like our Moon White Tea. I love how the new section on Gifts has shaped up - Teas for Him and Teas for Her are our bestsellers. 

Drop in a line and tell us if you like what you see.


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