Tea of the month: Moon White Tea

Tea of the month - Moon White Tea

It’s that time of the year when our bodies walk around confused, wondering whether they need a calming, cool drink or a piping-hot pick-me-up. Sometimes, it can be hard to strike that balance.

April is the month of the wonderfully light Moon White Tea. It gets it’s name from the fact that it is handpicked on a bright, full moon night. The flavours it holds within its tender buds are as romantic and blissful as the Darjeeling moon they once lay under. Its fruity, mellow taste will help your mind and body relax, allowing you to take a breather from worldly matters. This tea is perfect for when you’re craving something cosy and refreshing.

Moon White Tea is pure and unblended from a single estate in Darjeeling.

White tea is an antioxidant, helping one maintain overall good health. It has anti-ageing and antibacterial properties, keeping your body safe from infections. It also keeps your skin young, supple and protects it against harmful effects of UV radiation. This tea silently combats glucose levels, weight gain and cardiovascular disorders. How often does one find something this delicious and healthy all wrapped up into one?

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All this month, enjoy our Moon White Tea at a discounted price. Welcome Summer with this soothing tea for just Rs. 1000 (MRP Rs. 1350) in April alone.

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