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Beauty Rituals with Matcha

Thing is, tea isn’t entirely new to the beauty world. Green tea, white tea, and camellia oil (which is produced from green tea seeds) have been used in skincare for their soothing properties for decades. But Matcha Green Tea, which is richer in chlorophyll and stone-ground to a fine powder, is quickly finding place in our skincare regime. So what is unique to Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha contains high levels of catechins, which are potent antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the skin. It can reduce irritation, redness and is used to treat facial problems such as acne. Matcha is shade grown which increases the chlorophyll and this boosts the health benefits. The powerful catechin EGCG is present in Matcha and this battles against free radical damage like pollution and UV rays.

Face masks, toners, make-up wipes, detoxifying cleansing juice, lip balms, powders and bath scrubs are some of the popular beauty products that are made using Matcha. Beauty experts claim that Matcha helps in making your skin look flawless. If you’re thinking of using Matcha as part of your skincare routine, here are few of my tips :

I suggest that you start by exfoliating your skin with a Matcha scrub. Choose a scrub according to your skin type. The scrub should be spread thinly across your face. After five minutes, massage your face which will remove the dead skin and puffiness. Finally remove the face mask with a warm wet towel. The next step would be to to cleanse the skin, using Matcha infused with glacial water, available online. A soft brush can be used to help clean and renew the pores of your skin without destroying natural oils on your face. End with a moisturize, Moisturizers remove toxins from the skin, leaving it looking fresher. My personal favourite is a Matcha moisturizer which includes avocado, it’s an enriching tonic to beautify your skin. Finish your routine by pouring yourself a delicious cup of Matcha green tea to sip. The caffeine will make you feel energized and complement your beauty regime, making you feel completely refreshed and revitalized on the inside and out.

Luxury beauty products can be super expensive. So why not try creating some of your own? All you need is good Matcha powder to get you started. Our Matcha is sourced from the Nishio region, Aichi prefecture in Japan. Our range includes Matcha Green tea, Activated Charcoal Matcha, Mint Matcha and Cacao Matcha. Click here to order our Matcha or explore a DIY Matcha Scrub here.
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