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5 great ways to reuse old tea

Need to freshen up your home or want lustrous locks? Tea makes for a great and handy alternative to your common store bought household products! While tea does not have an expiration date, old tea that has lost its flavour and aroma can be reused around the house. So don’t throw away unused  tea bags or old packets of tea, here is a list of 5 ways to reuse tea in your everyday life.

1. DIY projects
Reuse old tea in some fun DIY projects. The spices and flower in tea make for fragrant soaps and potpourri. While flower teas give off the prettiest shades of color, black and green teas have excellent exfoliating properties when used in soap. As for potpourri, add a few drops of essential oil to dried tea and use it to liven up you spaces.

2. Add shine to your hair
Skip the expensive conditioner for a cheaper natural hair shine. Use old tea bags to brew a weaker tea and rub it through your hair after you shampoo. It acts as a natural conditioner and makes your hair shine. Try this with pure teas only. We don’t recommend to use tea blends since they have flavours and additives that may irritate your scalp.

3. Feed your garden
Steep some old tea, use the wet leaves as a natural fertilizer and watch your plants thrive. Add the brewed tea to a bucket of water. Mix it and use it to water plants (especially flowering plants). You can also sprinkle old loose leaf tea around your rose bushes to help them blossom.

4. Ditch smelly feet
Tea is widely used to remove unwanted smells and odours. Soak your feet in a detoxifying tea bath to extinguish foot odor. Also, add dry, unused tea bags in smelly shoes to remove the unpleasant smell.

5. Clean your household
Old tea bags can be used around the house to clean surfaces. Simply rub damp tea bags over glass surfaces like mirrors, glass doors, glasses etc. to remove dust, grime and fingerprints and restore their shine. They can also be used to refurbish old furniture to remove unwanted spots and scratches.

Tip: If you are using brewed tea leaves or tea bags, refrigerate them to prevent mold.

The usefulness of tea is endless and not just as a beverage. Drop in a comment and let us know how you would reuse your old tea.
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