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3 Unusual Tea and Food Pairings

Most of us practice few rituals while drinking our tea. We sip our teas listening to the radio while reading a book or catching up with friends. One thing that is certainly on everybody's to-do list at tea time is finding the right snacks to feast on. We may love the classic biscuits to dip in our tea or something more gourmet to tickle our taste buds. The food pairing possibilities are endless. Some are more unusual than the others.

Take chocolate, for instance, most of us cannot get enough of this sweet goodness. It’s the ultimate go-to food to pick us up when things are not going our way. Yet how many of us have tried it with tea? Yes, we are dead serious. Dark chocolate desserts pair well with our Apple Spice black tea. If you cannot get a chocolate dessert, simply breaking off a couple of pieces from a slab of dark chocolate will be just as enjoyable to eat while you sip.

Something else that is quite unusual that pairs well with tea is cheese. We know it’s usually associated with wine tasting, but we recommend you try it with tea. You will not know how good it tastes with tea unless you try it. Try our Marigold Green Tea with a warm cheese toast. The base tea is Darjeeling Green Tea which goes well with young cheddar cheese.

Pineapple is another unusual food that pairs well with tea. We recommend you sample pineapple with our tropical Hibiscus Green Tea. The citrus profile of the pineapple complements the tart and bold flavours of Hibiscus Green Tea.

Chocolate, Cheese and Pineapple are just three unusual tea and food pairings available. To see more delicious tea and food pairings, click here to visit our website. Each gourmet tea comes with a special tea sommelier report, which includes best food pairing combinations.

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