Hibiscus Green Tea

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Put your party shirt and let your tastebuds do the Hula dance. Our tropical new flavor, Hibiscus Tea is here. 

Real Hibiscus flowers with a tangy and tart flavor is great both hot or Iced. It has beautiful color in the cup, making it a visual treat. It has a touch of fennel to add earthiness to your cuppa. If you haven't tried Hibiscus tea, this is a well balanced brew to start with.

Perfect to speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss.

Goes well with Banana, avocado salad and pineapple desserts.

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  • 1: Is there any tea for lowering blood pressure or for heart patients?

    Our Hibiscus Green Tea contains real hibiscus petals which is known for being very effective in reducing blood pressure and is therefore the perfect tea to consume for heart patients and people suffering from cholesterol problems.

  • 2: When is the best time to consume green tea?

    Green Tea can be consumed throughout the day as it contains a moderate caffeine content. It is preferably had post meals.

  • 3: How many cups of green tea can I have in 1 day?

    It is safe to consume 3-4 cups of green tea in a single day.

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