Moon White Tea

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Like sparkling diamonds, tender tea buds that glisten under the cool Darjeeling moonlight are handpicked to create this rare, and precious white tea. Pure, subtle, and unblended, its delicate flavor is simply heavenly. With 12 times more antioxidants than a glass of orange juice, Moon White Tea is simply bliss in a cup.

Perfect for those times when you want to close your eyes and forget the world. Or may be just before you levitate.

Taste notes are fruity, honey and mellow.

Goes well with salads with light dressing, fresh fruits and desserts without cream.

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  • 1. Please let me know when this is back in stock.

    It should be back in Stock by March since it is a seasonal type of a tea. You may give a try to our Lavender Tea which is also a White Tea.

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