Tea Masterclass


Everyone loves a well made cup of tea, but how much do you actually know about this everyday drink? Learn more about the nuances of tea and trace the journey of the Camellia Sinensis leaf from the tea plantations to your cup.


 About the Instructor - Snigdha Manchanda:

Snigdha is a certified Tea Sommelier, pursuing her passion for tea over the last ten years. She has tasted and profiled over 2000 varieties of teas. She specializes in creating signature hand-blended teas and runs Tea Trunk, curating artisanal blends from the finest Indian tea leaves.

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Tea Tasting Basic Workshop:

Spend your weekend understanding the basics of preparing the perfect cup. Start by learning about the different types of Single Origin, Ethical/Fair-trade Tea.

Explore the fun yet important aspect of tea and food pairings to create the perfect balance of flavours with every sip.

The way you brew your tea can make all the difference, and even the best quality teas can lose their flavor if not brewed correctly. You will learn the methods that are best to brew tea in order to bring out all their refreshing flavors.

We’ll take you back in time to learn about ancient rituals and understand the origins of myths surrounding tea.

With hundreds of varieties of tea available, Tea Trunk will show you how to pick the best quality and flavorsome teas so that you can enjoy a well-rounded tea experience.

  • Who should attend?

The Tea Tasting Basic session is a foundation session, suitable for any person who would like to explore the nuances of tea - from casual tea drinkers to cafe owners. Take a break from your daily routine - we can assure you an interesting and informative weekend.

This session is the foundation and must be attended as a prerequisite for our Tea Tasting Advanced session.


Location: Prabhadevi, Mumbai



Tea Tasting Advanced Workshop:

After exploring the history, origins and types of tea, go deeper into the art of tea blending and understand various flavour profiles. Recognise key taste notes and learn about complementing flavours.

Also learn about the specifics of designing a menu to complement the teas served at a cafe/restaurant.

  • Who should attend?

This is an advanced workshop, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the production processes and the blending of tea. Suitable for:

  1. Hospitality students
  2. Hospitality professionals
  3. Restaurant owners
  4. Prospective cafe / tea room owners

Location: Prabhadevi, Mumbai


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