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Celebrate Teas of India

In spite of being one of the largest producer and consumer of tea, India is far behind in awareness and appreciation of the fine varieties of tea it produces. In this INKTtalks, Tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda shares with us her journey with tea, and articulates how everything we do celebrate and promote teas of India.

Our Tea Sommelier’s Promise ~ “Enjoy Tea like it should be.”

Each of our teas is specially crafted after days of tasting, refining and
re-tasting, so that you get nothing but the very best from India’s tea gardens
— with all natural ingredients and beautiful packaging.


The finest teas of India blended with 100% natural ingredients. Choose from a range of tea blends.


Black Teas - Available in sweet, spicy and bold flavours, these are Black Tea leaves sourced directly from the tea gardens of India and blended with exotic Indian ingredients.


Green Teas - Green Tea blends are both healthy and refreshing. All the benefits of Green Teas infused with 100% natural ingredients sourced from within India.Perfect to complement your detox regime.


White Teas - Premium White Tea leaves are hand-picked and blended with soothing and relaxing flavours to calm the senses. Our most luxurious tea offering is a perfect gift for tea lovers. White tea is known to have 3-4 times more anti-oxidants than a cup of green tea. It has a mellow taste which is easier on the palate than some green teas.


Oolong Teas - Semi-fermented Oolong tea leaves are partially oxidized, giving it a unique complex flavour.Oolong tea is often associated with weight loss, since it boosts the body’s metabolism by almost 10 times.