Chamomile Tea

50 gms Loose Leaf Tea | 25 Cups
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Pure whole flowers of Chamomile sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. Caffeine-free, this tea is perfect for soothing sips through the day or at bedtime. Known to calm your colds and cramps, this healing tea will keep you cosy on a rainy day in bed. 

Perfect before bedtime as it's caffeine-free. Fluff your pillows, it's been a long day.

Taste notes are floral, warm and soothing.

Paired perfectly with a good book. We sipped ours with a Ruskin Bond. 


Tea Description: Chamomile, Tisane, Infusion, Herbal Tea, good sleep, anxiety, insomnia, calming tea, zero caffeine, no caffeine, flower tea, medicinal, herbal remedy, home remedy


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  • 1.Do you have any pure herb or zero caffeine teas?

    Our Camomile Pure Heb Tea is a caffeine free tea.

  • 2.What are the health benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea?

    Camomile Tea is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia as it helps promote a sound sleep. It also reduces anxiety and is great at stress relief.

  • 3.Is there any side effects from drinking Chamomile Tea?

    As Chamomile Tea is a pure herb tea and is a completely natural and organic solution, there are no known side effects of drinking this tea.

  • 4.which tea would you suggest pregnant women consume?

    Camomile tea, which is 100% free of caffeine, is the one tea which is safe to consume by women during a pregnancy.

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