Women's Day Blog Series - Tanushri Shukla

Women's Day Blog Series - Tanushri Shukla

07 Mar 17  |  By Tiffany D'Lima

Digital Product Manager during weekdays, Social Entrepreneur on weekends. Meet Tanushri Shukla, the founder of Chindi. What began as Tanushri's love for knitting, has gradually grown into a business that supports a number of social causes.

Admire her already? Here's more about her:

1. Describe your journey in one word.

Tanushri: Spontaneous!

2. What is the boldest thing you have ever done?

Tanushri: Moving countries with no plans or money—twice!

3. Which is the one quote you live by?

Tanushri: Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have.

4. Who is the boldest woman you know?

Tanushri: It’s so clichéd, but my mother. She’s a force of nature and always inspires me.

5. If you were a knitting yarn, what colour would you be, and why?

Tanushri: I think I’d be shaded and multi-coloured :)


Chindi was founded with the aim of providing employment to low-income craftswomen and training them to improve their skills. Chindi means 'waste' in Hindi, as their products are created by upcycling textile and production waste. Tanushri is currently looking for a designer who wants to work with sustainable fashion and last we caught up with her, she was meticulously crafting a bag from some hemp yarn!

Tiffany D'Lima

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