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Women's Day Blog Series - Moina Oberoi

Wellness Chef, writer, food photographer, recipe developer... All rolled into one! That's Moina Oberoi, who launched a health food company in Mumbai called MO's Superfoods. Moina struggled with muscle inflammation for a decade, until she tried out Kefir, a fermented drink beneficial for digestion and gut health.

More about Moina:

1. Describe your journey in one word.

Moina: Fated.

2. What is the boldest thing you have ever done?

Moina: Starting a natural food production company; from scratch; on my own; in India. It has been and continues to be the biggest learning of life, people and most of all myself.

3. You’re a Wellness Chef and we appreciate your knowledge on superfoods. Name a superfood which has not yet gotten it’s due. It’s the underdog of superfoods.

Moina: Nimbu! Lime immediately alkalizes the system. It is not only extremely diverse in the kitchen but also so refreshing to the palate and its high Vitamin C content is an instant pick me up for the body.

4. Three bold ingredients you would love to infuse in your kefir.


  • Black garlic kefir
  • White Russian Kefir
  • Curcumin Honey Kefir

5. You’re a new ingredient in your kitchen. What would you be and why?

Moina: Hemp seeds. Apart from being the sober cousin of Marijuana, hemp seeds have amazing healing properties and although challenging to make them interesting in a dish, once you get a hang of them there is not turning back! 

Through MO's Superfoods, Moina intends to share the health benefits of Kefir and other fermented foods with the community.

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