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Women's Day Blog Series - Jane Mason

Vegan, and obsessed with everything natural, healthy and yummy, Jane Mason moved to India from Australia, following her love for Yoga. A lover of good chocolate, she soon realized that finding good quality organic and vegan chocolate in India was a difficult, if not impossible task. And that's where it all began. She researched on chocolates, and traveled to meet farmers who could grow organic beans. That was the beginning of Mason & Co.

More about the co-founder of Mason & Co.:

1.Describe your journey in one word.

Jane: “Awesome”

 2. What is the boldest thing you have ever done?  

Jane: Giving up my corporate career, moving to India and starting a chocolate company.

 3. What is your favorite tea and chocolate pairing? 

Jane: Do I have to choose just one? 

  • Camomile with 75% Zesty Orange Chocolate
  • Marigold Green Tea 70% cacao Chip Dark Chocolate
  • Saffron Green Tea 55% Coconut Masala Chai Chocolate
  • Chilli Chai Black Tea 55% Coconut Milk Chocolate

 4. If you were an ingredient in a chocolate, what would you be and why?

Jane: Cacao! Because you can’t have chocolate without it!

 5. If you could have a tête-à-tête with any woman chef in the world, who would it be and why?

Jane: Kylie Kwong, being from Sydney Australia I had the pleasure of eating at her restaurant (Billy Kwongs) long before she became the famous TV chef she is now. The thought behind the restaurants, the food preparation and presentation is so unique. She was a pioneer in this modern & gourmet food seen in Australia. I actually didn’t like Chinese food before eating there.

Women’s Day Blog Series - Jane Mason

Mason & Co. employs a team of women who are trained in the art of chocolate making. The company supplies organic bean-to-bar chocolates to individuals and stores from their production unit at Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India

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