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Easy Iced Tea Recipes

Iced teas are one of the most refreshing beverages out there. The store-bought pre-mixed versions contain a lot of sugar and other additives. For a healthier option, have you tried brewing your own iced tea at home? It’s actually really easy.

Most people have been making iced tea by brewing tea leaves in hot water, letting it cool down to room temperature and then refrigerating it. But this tends to leave the water tasting bitter sooner than you might appreciate.

I’ve now learned to use the cold brew method instead, and I find it even more flavourful. This involves infusing tea in water overnight and then just straining it in the morning! Try one of our recipes like:

  • Berry Blush Green Tea with cranberry juice and cane sugar
  • Chilli Chai Black Tea with guava juice and cane sugar or 
  • Invent one of your own like Moon White Tea with peach juice and honey. 
Do let us know how it turned out for you!

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