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Single Origin Tea – Uniquely Unblended

 The wonderful thing about teas is that each kind is different, and every bit of the production process affects how it ultimately tastes in a cup. The origin and terroir profoundly alters its flavour and character. So, let’s go all the way back to where tea is born and talk about the ‘terroir’ in the tea industry. This is a common study in wine and as you would know tea and wine have a lot in common.

Think of tea as people. We’re all part of the same species, but we differ based on where we come from and the ways in which we’ve been brought up. Teas are just like us! They’re grown in different regions of the same country or different countries across the world to produce a range of ethnicities of tea. This is why an understanding of ‘single origin teas’ is important. These are teas that are characteristic of a particular region and are sold as pure leaves, unblended. Single origin teas are special, for they are grown from unique soil, climate and geography. Each of these factors impart the distinctiveness in flavor.

The exclusivity of single origin teas make them premium or expensive teas.  People often think that due to its unblended origin it should be cheaper but this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, it can be challenging for pure teas to have their own distinct flavour profile.

There is value for craftsmanship and we owe due credit to the farmers who work hard to gift their teas such unique flavors.

You could look for teas that are grown organically, in a particular manner or in ways that protects tea pickers and plantation owners. This also means that buying single origin teas enables you to know more about how they are produced. Our East Himalayan Tea, sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, and Moon White Tea, hand picked under the cool Darjeeling moonlight are sparkling examples of such single origin teas. . With all their unadulterated goodness, they reflect the true character of the region where they belong. And similarly, every tea growing region in the world  has its own single origin product to boast about. If you want to unearth these flavours, make an effort to try teas from different terroirs. You won’t need the boots of Indiana Jones and nor will you need Sherlock’s magnifying glass but it will be an exploration just as intriguing!

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