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Tea of the Month – Ginger Root Black Tea

Look out of your window. The cloudy skies pull a veil over the sun and you’ll find yourself enveloped by a cosy layer of the beautiful monsoon, as though the clouds have come to you just to give you a hug.

The only thing missing in this moment is a perfect cup of tea. A nice, hot, steaming cup of earthy and strong tea to complement the cold weather you’re surrounded by. Maybe, even along with some pakodas or samosas to go with it. This month, our Tea Sommelier has chosen the perfect monsoon tea for you, that promises to fill you with comfort and warmth on these rainy days.

The Tea of the Month for July is, rightfully so, the Ginger Root Black Tea! In terms of flavour, Tea Trunk’s ginger root tea is bold, earthy and warm, which is the ideal beverage to have along with most Indian snacks, fritters, fruit cakes, chutney sandwiches and more. Moreover, this tea is the perfect antidote…for everything! It’s a combination of rich Assam black tea and the ayurvedic goodness of ginger that come together to provide comfort for the heart and medicinal benefits for the body and mind.

If you’re craving some homemade tea, our easy-to-carry tea bags make it possible for you to have the same refreshing experience at work too. Adding ginger to your cup of tea is great for digestion, increasing absorption of food and decreasing the sensation of bloating. This is also why it works well with heavy and oily foods.

Ginger root tea helps relieve nausea, reduces respiratory problems and joint inflammation and improves blood circulation. It’s a perfect cure for a runny nose and an itchy throat too, especially in this weather. So kick back with a wholesome cup of medicinal wonder, and let it soothe your mind and clear it of it's every worry.

This month, your worries will diminish even further, because we are offering our  Ginger Root Black Tea at the discounted rate of Rs 450! Keep drinking to fit the seasons and join me as I enjoy the monsoons with this virtuous chai. Grab your tin-of-goodness here. I promise you’ll love it.
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