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Tea of the Month – Rose Oolong

It’s raining knives and forks. Trunky is choosing to stay indoors and soak in a rosy bath. It’s time you follow suit and indulge in some of the luxury that Tea Trunk has to offer this month.

Rose Oolong, a name that’s calming in itself, is the definition of indulgence. It’s a combination of two independently soothing components, which come together to create a sublime potion of youth. Oolong tea is partially fermented, and lies between green tea and black tea in strength. Due to this, it has the best of both worlds.

It’s an antioxidant, clears your bloodstream of toxins and is a relaxing drink despite it's caffeine content. It’s also a good way to keep your skin and hair healthy. 

Oolong tea is wonderful at keeping  tooth decay, weak bones and stress at bay. Adding rose to this concoction simply makes it a delicious beverage. It’s what gives this tea its mellow, soothing and floral taste. It’s a reminder of nature and of comfort. It’s also the perfect tea for light food like pancakes, tea-cakes, pastries and crepes. You could enjoy it alone with a book, some baked snacks, or even share it with a gathering of friends!

Monsoon brings blooming flowers and rain-kissed greenery, and nothing could be better than this luxurious and decadent ‘tea of beauty’ to go along with it. Rose Oolong,  is our calming, fragrant Tea of the Month, and we bring it to you for Rs. 600 all through August! Pamper yourself, how often do you get to do that?

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