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Recycling Your Old Teacups: DIY Ideas

As avid tea drinkers, we do tend to collect a lot of teacups. If we see a pretty teacup- we simply must have it. And while there is nothing wrong with gathering teacups everywhere we see them, it tends to leave us with a number unused tea cups just begging to be repurposed and integrated into our decor.

This is how we discovered some great ways to upcycle used tea cups. We went from teacup chandeliers to birdbaths and everything in between. Admittedly, because some of them are a tad too overwhelming,  we have taken the liberty to select a few that are easy on the eyes and don’t need too many time or supplies. Excited? Read on:

1. Jewellery Organizer: Have some floral teacups that you can’t seem to get around to using? Well, use them to store your earrings and necklaces. Your necklaces will stay tangle-free.

2. Simple Cake Stand: Showcase your baking skills with a DIY cake stand. All you need is an inverted teacup and porcelain plate (and some super, high-strength, glue) to fashion a cake stand that is ready in mere minutes. If you are feeling adventurous and want to make a more elaborate stand, find it here.

3. Teacup Candles: Old candles lying around the house? With some hot glue, candle wick (available in craft stores) and wick stabilizers you can have your very own teacup candles in no time. These make great gifts as well, especially for a tea lover.

4. Sconce planter & Herb garden: Want to have an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of vibe while sipping your tea? Strip used sconces them of any wires and simply glue your saucers and teacups on top. Plant your favorite herbs and enjoy. Alternatively, plant herbs directly into your favorite tea cups and use as a living, breathing, eco-friendly centerpiece!


Now you see how easy it is to use your old/chipped teacups. Do you agree that they bring a touch of the whimsical to your home and are quite a fun way to channel your creativity? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comment section below.

*Idea courtesy to the respective authors.*


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