Festive Teas with Native Indian Flavours

Festive Teas with Native Indian Flavours

09 Oct 18  |  By Shona Mahambre

Most of us plan well in advance to find our perfect festive outfit that will get us the most compliments. What we tend to forget is that exchanging gifts with friends and family is a cherished part of the festivities.


Getting your gifting game on point isn’t easy, especially at the last minute. We have a fix for that. This festive season, our Tea Sommelier, Snigdha, has crafted two special green tea blends - Sacred Spice & Kesar Pista to reflect the sentiments of the season. Think premium-quality tea combined with natural fruits and spices – innovative and yummy!  

Our Sacred Spice Green Tea is India’s first trademarked tea. What makes it sacred is that it’s blended with bits of the Indian bael fruit (a.k.a. wood-apple) – the sweet fruit of the bael tree that is worshipped as the abode of the goddess of prosperity. Sweet, tart, and fragrant (thanks to cardamom), the tea promises to please gods and humans alike.

Kesar-pista (saffron-pistachio) is to Indian palate what strawberry and cream is to the world. Rich, creamy and nutty, this combination is the Indian kulfi staple, and a decadent one at that. The Kesar-Pista Green Tea recreates this nostalgia-evoking taste with real pistachios and strands of saffron in the tea.

Both the teas are available in beautifully packaged rose-gold tins – ready to be gifted. Of course, you can just decide to keep them for yourself.

Shona Mahambre

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