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No Cooking Sorbet Recipe

All of us get a craving for ice cold treats, especially in the heat of the summer. But rather than picking up a container from your favourite ice cream store, sorbets are a much healthier and easy-to-make option!

Summer is when I dig up, “No Cooking Recipes” online, and I just happened to chance upon this gem! I quickly adapted the recipe with our Moon White Tea.
I made a wonderfully easy White Tea Sorbet with Tea Trunk’s Moon White Tea.
All you need is some cane sugar, lime juice and raspberries to garnish!
Infuse two cups of boiling water with tea, steep it for about ten minutes at 80°C. Then stir in two cups of cane sugar into the strained water and dissolve entirely. Finally, add some lime juice and let the mixture cool for an hour before transferring it to an ice cream maker. This short and simple recipe takes only a few minutes of preparation time. 

You can find more creative, seasonal recipes using tea, in our Year of Tea, e-book. When I’m trying to maintain a healthy diet, I am looking for tasty and healthy recipe alternatives. It just makes it so much easier to stick to a diet plan then, and this sorbet recipe does just that! Sorbets make for a lovely treat to share with friends as well and this one comes with an unexpected twist. 
Buy it here, eat it with light meals, vegetables, desserts (without cream), and salads (without dressings), sticking to your diet.
It’ll go beautifully with most foods and it'll keep your palate refreshed and light during this hot season. Perhaps you should go dig up some ‘no cooking recipes’ of your own, this summer. Do share how they turned out for you. 

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