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Tea of the Month - Long Island Green Tea

Ah, it's the peak of summer. It's time for the winter clothes and shoes, along with life’s worries to be shed. It's time to shift into a lower gear and it's time to focus on yourself. If you haven’t kicked back yet, perhaps it’s time you do!?

Our tea of the month is, the relaxing and refreshing Long Island Green Tea. This tea lures you to bring out the hammocks and flip-flops, and entices you to indulge. It has a lively, refreshing aroma and it makes a perfect jar of Long Island Iced Tea!
Our box of loose tea leaves is blended with mint and our special ingredient is orange peel. The flavours blend well together, complimenting each other and the orange peel makes for a good surprise, lingering on with each refreshing sip!

The Long Island Green Tea comes loaded with all the health benefits of green tea along with citrus, and the antioxidant properties of orange peel and mint leaves. 
Think of it as a little garden in your teacup, that can take you on a little vacation of your own! Taste the holidays, picture the limpid blue waters, let the tea leaves carry you on a journey... 
Our Long Island Green Tea is fresh, perky and bright. It can be relished with light foods, like an upside-down pineapple cake or fruity tarts. 
To celebrate the prefect combination of summer and Long Island Green Tea, you can now buy this little box of joy at a reduced price of Rs 400 for the month of May, exclusively! Get your own tin here and indulge.
Summer has some good things to offer! ; )
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