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Luxury Health & Beauty Products made from Tea

Tea Infusions have been sipped for centuries. This has not only been done for enjoyment, but also specifically used as healing teas. The ingredients extracted from various parts of the bark, stem, root, leaf or bud seem to have a remedy for just about any ailment. Apart from healthy tonics, tea is also being used to create products all around the house. Some of these items have even been marketed as luxury products which has enhanced the brand equity of tea.

Soap made out of tea is increasing in popularity around the world. It is gifted to friends and family in beautiful hampers which are appreciated for the the health benefits and the aesthetic appeal. These soaps are usually handcrafted, using cold process technique and cured for at least a month. Some of the popular one’s include green tea soap, lavender soap and chamomile soap.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried naturally flavoured plants and flowers. It is usually placed in a bowl or tied in a small sachet to give an invigorating scent to a room. Tea leaves are being used to create sweet smelling potpourri which is combined with fragrant spices and herbs. These are packaged well and can favourably transform the mood of visitors when they visit your home. Rose flowers, orange peel and fennel seeds are some of the ingredients found in potpourri.

Tea is also used to create paintings. Artists use strong black tea to paint backgrounds on sketches. The tea can also create light, medium and dark shades. This is done by adding more water to the cup, and pushing the teabag to the side of the cup to extract the liquid into a palette. A painting adorning a wall brings character to any room. Maybe you can even use the tea to paint your Tea Trunk colouring book.

While tea as a household cleaner is not promoted directly as a luxury product, it can definitely add a shine to your expensive furniture. Sprinkling dry green tea on your carpets and rugs for ten minutes, before vacuuming them up will work wonders. Brewed tea can also be used as a polish for wooden floors. Also by simply rubbing a used teabag to a mirror or window, it will give them a delightful sparkle.

Tell us how you use your tea, apart from sipping it.

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  • Akash
    AkashAugust 02, 2019

    Hi Alisha, thanks for sharing the information. Tea is also used for painting is really a weird and surprising fact. Thanks again.

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