How to brew Kombucha with your favourite tea

How to brew Kombucha with your favourite tea

08 May 19  |  By Erushka de Sousa

Kombucha originated in China and is often referred to as the ‘Champagne of life’. It’s classified as a fungi which is made from tea and has a delicious tart like taste.  Kombucha is known for its numerous health benefits, although all of these have not been scientifically proven. Despite this fact it has gained mass popularity worldwide for its refreshing taste. It is produced by fermenting green or black tea to form a “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” (SCOBY). The bacteria grows when it is allowed to feed on tea leaves, which is better known as Camellia Sinensis. Kombucha is said to cleanse and allow the body to absorb the anti-oxidants and vitamins of tea much more easily.

As we mentioned earlier, the health benefits have not been proven and as a further disclaimer there is a possibility that the bacteria ferments to form alcohol content. Experiencing it for the first time may cause side effects. Pregnant women or children should not drink it. Also home brews could become contaminated as the culture has to be grown for nearly 4 weeks. Remember Kombucha works as a probiotic in the body and so the SCOBY must remain acidic while forming or mold will start to grow in the jar with a vinegary aroma. We suggest that you purchase ready-made Kombucha from a store and then infuse it with your tea.

Now that this important information has been communicated, let’s focus on how to brew this appetizing fizzy beverage with your favourite teas.

  1. Put 3.5 cups of water in a stainless steel pot and boil for 5 minutes
  2. Add 1 cup of white sugar to the pot
  3. Dissolve the sugar completely.
  4. Add 4 teabags of black or green tea. (Tea leaves can also be used)
  5. Steep the tea for ten minutes
  6. Add 3.5 cups room temperature water
  7. Pour infusion into a glass jar
  8. Add 1 cup of unflavoured ready-made Kombucha
  9. Mix the ingredients
  10. Seal the jar air-tight *(This is important to avoid contamination)
  11. Cover jar with tea towel and rubber band
  12. Store in warm dark place

If followed properly you will achieve the desired fungi results after 4 weeks, although it’s important to check on the progress each week. Once a mother mushroom has been created, baby mushrooms can then be produced. It is usually drunk before or after meals, but it is best to check with a doctor. Avoid using flavoured teas for the primary stage of fermentation and instead infuse them in the second fermentation. Our Premium black Assam tea, Pure Darjeeling black tea and Pure organic green tea are great for making Kombucha. Click here to shop our Pure tea bundle.

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Erushka de Sousa

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