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3 teapots to add to your tea collection

Tea lovers will go to any length to achieve the best possible tea experience and an important aspect of that is teaware. At a recent interaction, there was a lot of discussion regarding Kyusu which is a traditional Japanese teapot. This teapot has different varieties. Yokode Kyusu has a side handle, Ushirode Kyusu has a back handle, Uwade Kyusu has a top handle and Houhin Kyusu does not have a handle. Here is a list of 3 teapot companies that have stood the test of time for not only the look and feel but also the durable quality.

Fujihoro has been producing teapots for the last 70 years, which are now readily available in India. The company is known for manufacturing good quality kettles and whistling kettles. The porcelain enameled steel teapots are glazed at very high temperatures which gives the teaware a lasting quality and prevents oxidation.

Muji was founded in the 1980s and is known for producing Tatazumai products, which refers to the appearance and shape. The teapots are said to have Shibui qualities. Shibui objects are simple in nature and possess subtle details or elegant textures that make them grow in aesthetic value and beauty over time.

Tokoname is a famous place in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan known for its handcrafted teapots. These teapots bring out all the flavour and aroma of green tea. As these clay teapots are crafted by hand, they are known more by the potter's name and craftsmanship, rather than a company brand. Umehara Shoji, better known as Shoryu is a famous Japanese potter that produces beautiful teapots. We source our Matcha green tea directly from the Nishio region, Aichi Prefecture which is famous for producing quality Matcha. Our Matcha bowls are also inspired by the Tokoname region. To view our complete Matcha collection, click here.

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