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Don't be a Tea Snob.

I know, I know. Coming from a Tea Sommelier, this is unusual a thing to say? Many of you must be already frowning and saying, oh yeah? A shocker almost? Not a bit, and since I mean it, I should reiterate: Do not be a Tea Snob. :) Learning to appreciate a cup of good tea — varieties of it and the nuances — doesn't mean one has to move away from enjoying other things in life. I've seen this happen to people, to companies. It's funny. It’s but more sad than funny.

As a self-proclaimed tea drinker what must one do when you don’t just feel like tea? Despite all the tea options in front of you. Ask me, as anyone here at Tea Trunk. We are likely to scream in unison: "Sure, why not. Go ahead! I am not a tea fanatic. Nor a snob. I am most delighted when you have something else to talk to me besides tea. There is no meaning in the sort of snobbism that will make you feel superior that you are a tea drinker. We must fully respect the choices of people, what they choose to drink. It's easy to spot people with condescending attitudes to others who doesn't value their own brand of snobbishness. Hmm.. Look around, they are everywhere. All over the place. :) Some don't even realize it you know, how snobbish they’ve become.

Of late I've seen people being particular about the type of water they drink, or use to make their tea. Of course, yes, the taste of your tea will differ based on the type of water you use. A heavily chlorinated, salty, or hard water could spoil a good tea. We do need to take care of the type of water we use— its cleanliness, its purity. But to say that you’ll only use a particular brand of natural spring water or one from a particular glacier, or to look down on someone who just likes a normal cutting chai is just… yawn.

Do not elevate your tea drinking to another form of high-handed circus. Phew. I am ready to stand corrected on this. I am sure these people might have a valid point to be finicky about. But some just overdo. Let's live our life and let's not destroy our happiness by being so stiff and starchy about everything. Maybe I must blend a chill-pill chai so we can do just that. ☺ So let me sign off on this note. Be a Tea Lover. Don't be a Tea Snob.

Yours truly, Snigdha

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