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On Social Commitment

We at Tea Trunk put the community we live in first, above and beyond 'profits'.
There are campaigns and brand associations that Tea Trunk has distanced itself from, consciously, in the past, in spite of still being a young company.  
Why did we do that? Even when it made business sense for us to take these offers up, as they would have benefited the company.
It is because, as an organization committed to society, people and this planet — more out of genuine concern and care for these things, than out of any misplaced notions of self-righteousness. I must say, the answer has been pretty clear to us. Just to mention two such occasions, tobacco and artificial sweeteners were two such campaigns that we turned down. There was immense pressure for the Tea Trunk brand to be promoted with a major tobacco conglomerate and artificial sweeteners, when each time we had to be clear and firm in our stance. We are not looking for such brand associations no matter what is in store for us! There are still people who say we respect your decision and then there are some that think it was a foolhardy decision to let such opportunities pass. Well thank you for the offer! I wonder if this is a difficult stance to understand? I admit, that all this,was not a greatly studied decision.
To put it simply, I would not want to give the world something I would not give to my little nephew, Nivaan. Love, Snigdha On Social Commitment
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