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Celebrating Hot Tea Month 2013

It’s Jan and what better time of the year to curl up with a blanket and enjoy a nice hot cup of nature’s most popular and soothing beverage! Also, it being still the holidays for some.

The Tea Association of the USA names January "National Hot Tea" month, and how right this is! December to January is often the coolest time of the year and has the perfect weather for hot tea.

In cold weather we often avoid drinking a lot of water, we perspire less and the body is not often thirsty or craving for water. Drinking tea comes as the perfect solution for staying hydrated, warm and in good health.

It might be popular owing to the psychological comfort the hot beverage provides when one is unwell. However, studies show that it might be more helpful than just soothing the symptoms of a cold or flu.

“According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc., drinking hot tea has many health benefits with antioxidants for cancer risk reduction, increases blood flow for cardiovascular health and increases energy expenditure that may help combat obesity.”

As regards “hot tea”, it is also the “hot” that matters as it can be helpful in the case of common cold: “Researchers suspect that it was the taste, smell, and temperature of the drink that did the trick, with the heat being particularly helpful at stimulating the production of throat-soothing saliva and mucus.” (source: here)

So I thought it might be fun to suggest some Hot teas you might like to try over the next few weeks. My picks are -

1. Ginger Tea 

This a special Indian tea recipe, best enjoyed hot, is the most soothing and even a curative drink, especially in winter, for a sore throat or a simple cough and cold.

It is an age-old tasty home remedy used by many housewives and used even today. I recommend that you enjoy your ginger tea black, sans milk.

2. Masala Chai

Masala Chai is also an Indian special chai that contains, ginger, black peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom and is best consumed hot, just after boiling. This chai is usually consumed with milk and sugar. And is a local specialty in Maharashtra and other parts of India. And is also, often sold as cutting chai on the streets of Mumbai.

However spiced black tea on a frigid winter morning is a lovely way for me to start my day!

So share with me, if you spare few minutes, to brew your perfect cuppa’ hot tea and any stories you might have with it. I would love to hear.

Have a steaming hot and comfortable Jan.  

2 comments on Celebrating Hot Tea Month 2013
  • Snigdha
    SnigdhaAugust 18, 2015

    :) You’re welcome. Do share with us if you tried any of them.

  • Nathaniel
    NathanielAugust 18, 2015

    thanks for sharing the tea recipes for the january hot tea month

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