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Yin Yang Flavors: Vanilla Chai and Chilli Chai

With due respect to your (and my) overflowing love for chai, this monsoon calls for some fresh experiments. Here's sharing two flavors of chai - one from each side of Yin and Yang. Both recipes are forgiving and could be altered to suit your palate. Do tell me which out called out to you.

Yin: Vanilla Chai

 Yin Yang Flavors: Vanilla Chai and Chilli Chai

My take: Vanilla chai is perfect to roll at an all-girls pyjama party. Remember to order a box of cupcakes to go with it and you're sorted.

2 cups water

2 cinnamon sticks - small

2 black cardamoms

4 whole cloves

5 drops of vanilla extract

2 teaspoons Assam Tea

1 cup milk

honey, as desired

Steep all spices (first 4 ingredients) in boiling water for 6 minutes. Once the color of water has changed, add the tea leaves. Switch off the gas and cover the pan immediately. Meanwhile, in another pan, heat the milk to less than boiling point. Pour the milk into the tea mixture and stir in the vanilla extract and honey. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder before serving.

Yang: Chilli Chai (Recipe Courtesy: Spicy Chilly)

Yin Yang Flavors: Vanilla Chai and Chilli Chai


 My take: I thoroughly enjoyed the slight smokiness the chilli lent to the chai. Give me a plateful of samosas and I have a feeling this is going to be my hot favorite this monsoon

. Ingredients

Water 1.5 mugs

Milk 0.5 mug

Fresh ginger – thumb size

Tea Masala (recipe below) – 3/4 tsp

Green chilli – 1/4 of a 2-inch

chilli Sugar – 2 tsp


Bring water to boil with the fresh ginger, tea masala, green chili and sugar (smash the ginger and chili before putting it in the water). Add the tea leaves and turn off the stove within a minute (boiling tea releases tannins) and let it sit for few minutes. Meanwhile heat the milk for a minute to minute and half. Add milk to tea. Strain into cup. Enjoy.

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