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5 perfect tea and dessert pairings

Pairing the subtle nuances of dessert with tea is an adventure one must embark upon, especially if you live by the motto “there is always time for tea and there’s always room for cake”. The right tea pairing would enhance the taste of the dessert as well as the tea and elevate the entire experience. However, the counter could result in the tea being overwhelmed or the dessert drowned out. Here is a brief guideline we’ve put together to help understand the basic flavours that go with a few of our favourites. Thereafter, the sky's the limit!

First up we have our flower teas which offer a wide range of possible flavor combinations. Two of our best sellers are Hibiscus and Marigold green tea. Hibiscus pairs with light and fresh desserts, especially those made with tropical fruits like pineapple. Although some say that chocolate makes everything better, we recommend you avoid combining this tea with chocolate as it would not complement it very well.

Marigold green tea, like the humble flower, is synonymous with pomp and celebration. It’s, therefore, no surprise that it goes with rich and sweet desserts found at most festive occasions. Gulab Jamun and Baklava being two of the most common ones.

The subtle complexity of flavor and aroma attributed to Rose Oolong tea allows it to be enjoyed on its own, however light pastries can easily be paired with it. Vanilla pancakes or crepes are the way to go or a mix of the two in the form of a crepe cake.

The robust flavours of most black teas are well suited to pairing with bolder desserts. Our apple spice tea is no exception. With flavors reminiscent of mulled wine, it is a divine combination with carrot cake, dark chocolate desserts and the like.

White teas are extremely subtle in flavor and hence should be paired only with something mild so as to not miss out on their sweetness. Try our Lavender white tea with light flaky desserts. Since it combines well with acidic notes, tart and fruity ones like lemon cake or pie complement this tea beautifully too.

Hope we got you excited about trying a few of the pairings from here.





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