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3 Ideas for Daily Zen

I don’t know why, but the word ‘Zen’ instantly makes me feel calm and invigorated. How about you? When you think about it for a little longer, the meditative state of Buddhist monks may fill your imagination. In fact, there are simple things we can do to change to our everyday routine and create a Zen-like atmosphere with positive rituals. Ready to feel revived, revitalized and refreshed? Read on to see how you can stimulate your senses.

 When you concentrate and pay greater attention to things, your mind naturally becomes free to focus on specific tasks. Setting the right environment for objective thinking becomes imperative. This can be achieved by removing the clutter from your surroundings and keeping furniture simple. The decor and ornaments should also be reduced to a bare minimum. Green plants will enliven the room, while sweet-smelling scents will further boost your mood. Earthy colours on the walls and curtains with light fabrics will enhance the ambience, especially if there is a lot of natural light coming in from outside. While it’s not always easy to remove or switch off electronic devices, it should be made possible during moments when you want to relax. The wires of the devices can also be hidden from view.


Now that the stage is set, committing time each day to shut out the world and hit Zen mode is a must. Easier said than done? Sure it’s not always that simple, especially in a noisy household and with a busy work schedule. With a little patience, you will find that your efforts pay off. First, wake up a little earlier than the others and you will be able to create a happy place. Apart from meditation, reading a good book, maintaining a diary or just thinking about all the things in your life you are grateful for each day can be really rewarding. Remember you do not have to be confined to your home. Taking light exercise, like going for a walk or simply admiring the birds and butterflies in your garden can be bliss. Evening sessions can harness Zen thoughts. A slow bath to unwind after work is a favourable choice. Interacting with family members can also create golden Zen moments and motivate you to accomplish all your goals.

After creating a joyful Zen environment and then building a daily Zen routine, we recommend that you sip on a cup of delicious tea daily. A fresh blend that is brewed just the way you like it will truly transform your day. Be it a rejuvenating Matcha green tea or a calming cup of Chamomile, we stock many gourmet teas. These have been meticulously created by our tea sommelier. You can browse through our range here.

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