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3 Lifestyle Changes to start Detox

We often hear about the wonders a good detox can do for our health. Whether it is increasing energy levels, enhancing weight loss, improving skin complexion, restoring mental stability, preventing chronic disease or enhancing the immune system, the many benefits of detox helps us improve our quality of life.

A detox helps flush out harmful toxins from our body which are absorbed from our ennvironment (pollution) or from the unhealthy stuff we put in our bodies (excessive alcohol and drug use). While many therapies promote detox, not all are scientifically proven to be safe, so it’s always important to consult a doctor before starting any detox program.

1. Eat, work, sleep & repeat. Sounds familiar? With our working lives becoming more and more hectic we often do very little physical activity. Maybe we just can’t find the time or we are simply too tired to exercise. We suggest you start. Exercise in the long run will increase your energy levels. It’s just a matter of getting over the initial stage. Exercise promotes blood circulation and provides oxygen to your liver and kidneys which in turn releases toxins stuck in your gut.

2. Eat quality foods to stay healthy. Remember our stomachs are not dustbins, so the next detox lifestyle change that we recommend is assessing your diet and eating habits. Once you kick off your exercise routine you will naturally feel hungrier so instead of eating more food or going on a crash diet, we suggest eating healthier fresh food.

3. Another powerful detox therapy that you will find cropping up time and time again is consuming activated charcoal substances. It is used to remove poisons, chemicals, bacteria and dirt from the body. You need to be well hydarated when consuming activated charcoal and it’s also important to consult a doctor before using it in any form. Tea Trunk has sourced a high grade quality of activated charcoal, which is derived from coconut shells. It is infused with one of our organic Matcha green tea blends. This superfood tea provides a light cleanse for your detox regime. Click here to purchase it.

Disclaimer: It’s important to consult a qualified Practitioner before attempting any new detox plan.

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