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This Mother’s Day, Bring Home a Free Tea Trunk Hamper!

This Mother’s Day, Bring Home a Free Tea Trunk Hamper!Tea was the grown-up drink, something my mother and father made lovingly for each other. I grew up watching my mother make more cups of tea than she could ever consume and I watched as our family and friends sipped contentedly. When she made me my first cup of tea, it felt like a coming-of-age ritual. And from that moment on, I knew, it was the drink I’d always love.

This Mothers’ Day, I remembered the time when, I once tried to wake up just before my mother so I could make tea for her instead. And I remember how much she relished that cup of tea, if only to make me feel warm inside.

I think of all of you tea lovers and wonder what your first encounters with tea were. I can only imagine the comfort each of you feel from your mother’s homemade cup of tea, no matter how long it’s been since your last cup together. Every mother has her own recipe, her own special ingredient – not forgetting the sprinkling of motherly love.

Like this post on our Facebook page for the chance to win an indulgent tea hamper worth Rs. 1600 for your mother and we hope you share a delightful day together. 

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