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Why Start Walking Barefoot

Think back to the last time you felt the sensation of grass or sand on the soles of your feet. For most of us city dwellers, barefoot walking is unthinkable unless it happens in the comforts of our marble tiled, sanitized homes. Most of us are not aware or are quick to dismiss the science behind going barefoot, but stop and think about the last time you took your feet out of your shoes and treated them to a taste of nature; be it a sandy beach, a muddy hiking terrain or a patch of grass in a lawn. Think back to the sensation of the raw elements directly on your feet, the feeling of calm and pleasure that you sensed in that moment. Going barefoot has a lot more benefits than just the moment of release you feel once you take your feet out of your shoes.

Since the Earth carries a negative charge with it, and we have a positive charge due to all the electromagnetic waves we come in contact with daily, spending time connecting with Earth is vital to our emotional and physical health. The planet has its own natural charge, and we seem to do better when we’re in direct contact with it.

Walking barefoot or earthing is not some kind of hippy trend; it is a scientifically researched and proven practice with remarkable health benefits. For one, it helps develop and improve your overall posture. Our bodies are designed to walk and run barefoot. Our foot muscles are weaker than ever because of shoes and stable surfaces that don’t help our feet to be flexible and strong like they once were. When we walk barefoot, we can begin to strengthen our ankles, feet and toes again which gives us better balance, stability and posture.

Walking barefoot also has an astounding effect on improving sleep quality. Ever spent a day swimming and walking by the beach and then slept great that night? That was because while you were barefoot you were earthing in the water and on the sand and you slept better because of the negative ions flowing through your body.

The main advantage to earthing or barefoot walking is that it balances your electrons and your brain. Our bodies are around 70% water and the more grounded we are in nature the more conductive and alive that water is in our entire body. Walking barefoot helps create an ionic balance within our cells and tissue. Exercises proven to benefit overall well-being such as yoga and tai chi are all done barefoot, because being barefoot has been proven to help balance emotional and mental stability and well-being.

When you walk barefoot you have to be more alert, aware and present in the moment because you have to watch where you’re walking. It makes you conscious and present which is a valuable attribute. It also stimulates the nerves and pressure points on the bottom of the foot which can help to bring chi energy to different areas in the body associated with those points.

Walking barefoot was and is one of the most primal instincts for man. So sit back relax, slip your weary feet out of your shoes and step forward, barefoot.

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