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Tea Gadgets For Tea Lovers

As tea lovers, we’re always in search of something new to enhance our tea experience. While there are many fun tea gadgets that will bring a smile to your face, a lot of them are just fancy. After some time you may wonder why you bothered to purchase it in the first place. Or worse still, you have been gifted a novelty and every time the person drops in for tea you bring it out just so they become happy. Come on admit it, we’ve all been there. So what exactly are the essential tea gadgets you need? Here are few of my suggestions:

A tea canister is important to keep your tea fresh and tasty for a long time. An appealing canister design will brighten up your kitchen. You can also choose a matching sugar canister which will impress your guests. How you steep tea is an important factor when attempting to make the perfect cuppa. A tea infuser will help you to brew your favourite blend. An infuser acts similar to a tea bag, as it has a mesh to lock the leaves. The infuser also has a small chain attached which is hooked to the teacup. Tea infusers come in stylish models which include globe shapes. Strainers are also other options used to brew tea.

Japanese Matcha green tea is the flavour of the year. Whether it’s Europe, the US or India every celebrity and health junkie is jumping on the Matcha green tea, as it is a superfood like no other. This tea is part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The Matcha is made with a special bamboo whisk and ceramic bowl, which are essential for making this tea. Our Matcha brewing kit includes a ceremonial grade Matcha. If you’re looking to upgrade your tea experience, then click on the link to view our fine teaware.

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