Around The World in Eight Teas @ Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2012

Around The World in Eight Teas @ Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2012

06 Feb 12  |  By Snigdha Manchanda

Ready your passports as we go "Around the World in Eight Teas". Journey starts at Artisans Gallery @ Kalaghoda, opposite Blue Synagogue. Entry FREE as a part of Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2012.

Date: & Time: 7 Feb 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. See you there!


Snigdha Manchanda



Hope this would be recorded and made available online too, for people who are not able to be there in person!

[…] Last year we took you “Around the World in Eight Teas.” […]

great takes on tea, really amazing recipes at the site. bookmarking it to my blogroll,

Hi, Snigdha, read and article about you on rediff and though of visiting tea trunk. Felt very good reading about you. Wish you all the best, keep it up. (Some credit to the interviewer as well). Though I am not a tea buff just an occasional adrak chai or lemon tea or green tea but you have set me thinking. Next time I visit a place on holiday I am going to try tea there! By the way my own concoction cold adrak chai mixed with cold coffee tastes very good!



Looking forward to it! :)

And thank you!

Hey Prashant,

Thanks for dropping by. I couldn’t stop drooling over the lovely pictures of chai on your blogsite. Yes, we are capturing the event on video. Hope to share it not long after the event :)

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