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What is Plastic Neutrality?

Plastic Neutrality means funding the recovery, i.e, collection, segregation and recycling of plastic waste equivalent to your plastic consumption.

For every gram of plastic consumed/purchased, 1 gram of the same type of plastic waste is recovered from the municipal waste before it reaches the landfills, the plastic is then recycled by government vetted projects. 

How does it work?


Ethical Purchase

Make an informed purchase. By adding a few extra rupees for Plastic Neutrality, you can rest assure your purchase makes a difference. 


Plastic Recovery

Your payment is securely routed to impact projects certified by CPCB to keep the promised amount of plastic out of our oceans & landfills. 


Social Impact

Your payment helps redefine the lives of waste workers by providing them socioeconomic mobility. 

As we work towards becoming a more sustainable brand, we’d like to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to adopt eco-friendly practices.
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