Make your own Tea Blend

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Nothing is more beautiful than making something of your own for your loved ones, or simply for yourself. We've got all the tea lovers covered!

You can pick and choose the flavours that you like and get ready to brew up a storm.

1. Choose your tea base, either Black Tea or Green Tea. Your choice of tea lays the foundation for what kind of ingredients you can use.

2. Choose your ingredients. We've got a selection of flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices to choose from. 

3. You can choose a minimum of 4 ingredients and a maximum of 6.

Sit back while we blend your tea to perfection. Enjoy your creation! You will also be getting taste notes and brewing instructions from our Tea Sommelier with every order.

When you place an order, we write your name on the tea tin. If you want a different name, then please mention it in the notes section at the time of checkout.

If you’re a restaurant, cafe or a brand looking for a custom tea blend with specific ingredients, please write to Prices from Rs. 3499 onwards.

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  • 1. Can you please tell me the quantity of the customised tea will be provided ?

    Make Your Own Tea Blend is a 100gms pack of tea

  • 2. How do I add a name to the tea blend?

    The name on the tin will be the same as that mentioned under the shipping details for delivery. However, if you want a different name, then you will have to mention it in the notes section at the time of checkout.