Matcha Ceramic Bowl - Koniro Blue

₹ 880
Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetics centered around imperfection. Something is beautiful because its unique with its imperfections. Our new collection of matcha bowls is an ode to this philosophy. Every matcha bowl is unique in it's pattern and design, celebrating the true spirit of Wabi-sabi.

Our Ceramic Matcha bowls are handmade by the artisans in Goa. Each bowl is individually crafted, making each matcha bowl unique, with it's own set of variations. This is natural for any handcrafted product. Do not worry about the dips in the lip/rim, since it's perfectly normal. Additionally, the bowl is smooth on the interior which is good for whisking and it has a smooth rimWide mouth of the bowls allows for easy whisking. We recommend you drink from the matcha bowl directly for an authentic matcha experience.

CAPACITY: 250 ml
DIMENSION: L11 cms width and 7 cms in height.

Hand Made in Goa, India.

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