Iced Teas Collection

₹ 499 ₹ 550

Master the art of home-brewed iced teas with this collection of 6 different teas/ tisanes. It comes in a beautiful box along with instructions on how to cold brew them so that you can stay cool and refreshed all summer long. 

Beat the heat the natural way with these healthy, delicious and sugar free blends.

Long Island Green TeaHoliday in a teacup. This tropical green tea brings back memories of that vacation — that happy place. Brew some for the day dreamer in you.

Mango Mint Green TeaJuicy chunks of mango combined with refreshing mint and green tea to create a tropical flavour perfect for the summer.

Hibiscus Green Tea - Sour, bright and intense, Hibiscus green tea is an excellent choice for tea lovers who experience harsh summers and tropical weather. 

Blue pea flowersAdd a few drops of lemon and watch the deep blue turn into purple. This colour changing beauty is perfect for galaxy cocktails and lemonades.

Rose Petals - The inherent cooling properties of rose petals makes it the perfect elixir during summer months.

Chamomile MintAn invigorating, fragrant caffeine-free blend that's cooling and refreshing.


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