Health benefits of White Tea

Health benefits of White Tea

White Tea is considered to be a premium variant of tea, made from the youngest tea buds and leaves. Interest has grown around the health effects of this tea as it has been proven to have more antioxidants than Green Tea. However, while White Tea has a larger quantity of polyphenols, the number of catechins present is lower when compared with Green Tea.

White teas have the ability to increase the bioavailability health-boosting polyphenols in the human body. However, experiments and in vivo studies are currently inconclusive, given that this is extensively affected by other factors such as the method of brewing the tea, individual lifestyle choices and food related habits.


White Tea and weight loss

Antioxidants are considered to have a significant impact on cell metabolism and weight loss. White Tea is rich in EGCG, one of the most potent antioxidant compounds believed to increase the body metabolism.

However, claims related to the role of White Tea in weight loss are not conclusive, as there is very little evidence supporting the link between EGCGs and weight loss. Although there are some studies that support the claims that EGCGs prevent weight gain, the effectiveness of White Tea consumption in making these compounds available are not scientifically proven.