Health benefits of Oolong Tea

The popularity of Oolong Tea is largely fuelled by its role on weight loss and fitness. Oolong Tea is said to have a negligible calorie content, making it an ideal complement for weight loss programs and low calorie diets. It is recommended that you brew organic Oolong tea to take advantage of its alkaloid content that has the ability to boost mental and physical energy, counter free radicals and increase the production of serotonin. Consumption of this tea on a regular basis causes a significant increase in the metabolism of the body, thereby burning more calories in the process.


Oolong tea and weight loss

Polyphenolic compounds present in Oolong Tea activate enzymes that play a role in metabolizing fat cells in the body, thus controlling the overall rate of the body’s metabolism. This is why Oolong Tea is recommended to control obesity.

The healthy attributes of Oolong Tea are mostly related to the presence of polyphenols and alkaloids. Regular consumption of this tea increases energy levels in the body while burning calories and improving the health of skin.

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