Pure Organic Green Tea

50 gms Loose Leaf Tea | 25 Cups
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This Single Origin Green Tea is sourced directly from farmers from an organic estate in Darjeeling employing traditional Indian farming practices - which means taking great care of the tea leaves so that there is no pest attack and thereby no need to use harmful pesticides. Experience the natural goodness of pure Green Tea.

Taste notes are mild and smooth, marked by a soft vegetal flavour.

Pure teas are seasonally harvested, and available with us only for a limited time till the stock for the season lasts.

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  • 1. Why so costly?

    The quality of our product is not comparable to Supermarket teas. All our teas are made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavour or fragrance and no added colour.

  • 2. Why it contain caffeine?

    Green teas do contain caffeine as green tea and black tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Green tea is less processed and has less caffeine compared to black tea while white tea has the least caffeine content.

  • 3. Does it contain caffeine?

    Yes, the Pure Organic Green Tea has high caffeine content.

  • 4. Why isn't there a 100gm version of this tea? Since many people would consume this on a regular basis

    We have a wide variety of Green Tea blends available in different pack sizes. We plan to launch a 100 gms version of Pure Organic Green Tea as a refill pack.