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Lessons from a Vegan, Pet-Friendly Wedding

Weddings require a good deal of planning. Make it a vegan, pet-friendly wedding, and that's a task most people would categorize as impossible. But when Shasvathi began planning her wedding to her fiance Karthik, the two things she was sure about were that she wanted to include her pets in every part of the occasion, and she wanted the menu to be entirely vegan.

Shasvathi's family follows a vegan and conscious lifestyle, and this is what prompted her to work towards a vegan wedding. Every aspect of the wedding was given due thought, and it was ensured that no elements used would cause damage to the environment in any way. Since she considers her pets to be an integral part of her family, she couldn't think of celebrating without them.

We caught up with Shasvathi to understand how she pulled it off, and here's what she had to say:

  • What is the one vegan dish everyone must try, irrespective of whether they are vegan or not.
Shasvathi: Vegan Dal Makhani. It's my most favourite dish to make, as well as eat.
  •  How do you ensure that you follow a conscious lifestyle through your daily activities?

Shasvathi: Being vegan in itself is a peaceful life knowing that you haven't troubled animals for a plate of food or a glass of milk. Other simple things to do is not use plastic as far as possible, reduce kitchen waste, and feed as many stray animals and birds that you see while you're out. 

  • You had vegan ice-cream from Delhi transported by train because airlines leave a larger carbon footprint. What is your favorite flavor of vegan ice-cream?

Shasvathi: Vanilla, strawberry, butter scotch. 

  • You did quite a few unusual things at the wedding. Was there something that you wanted to do but could not be done?

Shasvathi: Interesting question. But I actually do not have an answer to that - since it was beyond perfect and everybody had a great time. If anything, I want more people to follow suit. 

  • What was your most memorable moment with your dogs at your wedding?

Shasvathi: The way they greeted me as soon as K and I got off the stage right after tying the knot.

  • How did Karthik react to your idea of a vegan and animal-friendly wedding?

Shasvathi: Every reaction from Karthik and family was indeed extremely positive, as they are vegan and super eco-conscious as well. 

  • In your opinion, one small change in our daily lifestyles that can make a big difference.

Shasvathi: Diet. Contributing to animal agriculture is the main reason for global warming. Give up animal products and you're doing great for yourself, the environment as well as the animals. 

  • What is your advice to couples who want to plan a conscious, thoughtful wedding? How do they get started?

Shasvathi: It IS possible to have a cruelty free wedding. First off, make up your mind about it and make sure your family is on board. Research is key. Find the right people and get the job done. We did not find any "special people" to get our wedding done. We picked a wonderful caterer who understood our needs and executed the same. As soon as you communicate your needs correctly, there will always be people willing to make it work. 

The internet, particularly Facebook, is full of contacts and small time entrepreneurs who are doing fabulous work. Make your wedding one that leaves the guests with some food for thought.  

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Leaving you with some more photos from the wedding and some food for thought.

Lessons from a Vegan, Pet-Friendly Wedding

Lessons from a Vegan, Pet-Friendly Wedding

Lessons from a Vegan, Pet-Friendly Wedding



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